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Creative arts therapy in the tri state area

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Our client's well-being is our mission, read about their experiences

We love to hear from our patients and client families. Here are some recent testimonials attesting to what it’s like to be treated by our exceptional therapists.

And please feel free to use our Contact Us page to share your experience as well.

My wife, who is suffering from dementia, has been working with Valerie for the past eight months.

I could not bear to see her mind and body drifting away, being bored all day. Now, when Valerie engages her in dance, music, and art, I see my wife enjoying life. My wife is visually happier and enjoys a sense of accomplishment in her day-to-day life.

Now she can enjoy things she once loved and has even tried new creative activities. I am thankful for what Valerie and Healing Through The Arts have done for my wife and me.

Charles K

I have been the private duty aide for a woman with Multiple Sclerosis and Depression for the past six years. I have seen her give up on her passion and zest for life. It wasn’t until Valerie started working with her that she began to realize the possibilities of what she can still accomplish.

I have noticed a positive behavioral change; she engages in everyday activities like brushing her hair and teeth all because of the support and creative outlets with Healing Through The Arts.

Valerie has made her life seem brighter and happier. I am grateful that this woman has the motivation she once had back again.

Melody G.
Private Aide

When my daughter was in her teens and twenties, she was rapidly developing a career as a concert pianist. She received rave reviews for her CD, and her artistry was appreciated everywhere.

Multiple Sclerosis took hold of all that. She declined to a place where she could no longer speak, nor feed herself, nor stand nor move on her own. She made no contact with anyone.

Valerie met us on the elevator one day, and she said to me, “I can do something about that.” We’ve tried so many things with no help but lots of harm. I decided to let her try. How lucky we are that I did.

Now, after some months, my daughter is willing to sit at her piano in her wheelchair, and she plays patterns, more recently with two hands. She improves slowly but surely. Her face is more expressive, she relates to people, she smiles often. She listens to music (including her own CD) with pleasure. She agreed to and actually let us take her to a concert for the first time in many years. I think she senses that there is more to life than she thought. Thanks, Valerie.

Marion C.

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